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Formed Oct 15 1981
Hell Yeah.
About Me
My Name Is Mick (aka) Deadone, i'm a 44 year old male from the uk. Married to wendy with 4 kids and love Metal

The Site Will Be Updated At Regular Intervals So Keep Checking Back For New Shows
Trading Status: Limited

UPDATED 05-07-2016

This site was made for the trading of my bootlegs, if you see something in my list and you want to trade for it then please get in touch, also remember to read my trade rules b4 you contact me
all the bootlegs i have in my lists on the following pages belong to me, i do not and will not sell any of these items so dont ask,also i will not tell you were i obtained these items and also note some of the bootlegs listed are official material and i do not trade official stuff so again please dont ask.. if you have any questions then you are more than welcome to contact me in a number of ways stated in the contact area..And Please If you see any shows were you might think or are certain the dates/locations are wrong then please inform me as it takes alot of my time doing this and i just have not got round to checking every show i have ....Thankyou